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Cultivating SheEO's

In 2020 the Inaugural SheEO Summit premiered and in 2021 it's back under a new banner! SB Wil Designs LLC is pleased to take up the mantle and provide current and future Women Entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start and continue running successful operations!

We are back for another National Women's Small Business Month event to continue applauding the talented, dedicated, and driven women whose entrepreneurial spirit helps drive our nation's economy forward. In 2019, women started 1,821 new net businesses every day, 64% by women of color. In 2020, 38.25% of businesses worldwide are women owned and operated.

This year, the SheEO Summit will take place virtually as a 4 hour webinar conference on October 30th from 10AM to 2PM ET featuring the following:

GOING BEYOND BOOKKEEPING: Financial Accounting vs Tax Accounting

Are you keeping your books or are they keeping you? Certified Public Accountant and Co-Founder + SheEO of Intrinsic Accounting, LLC Brittani Shantel Jackson will help small business owners understand the difference between financial accounting and tax accounting as they take care of their small business books.

BRAND BUILDING BLOCKS: Must Ask Questions When Developing Your Brand

You've decided what your business will be and you're ready to create a logo, but have you truly considered what your brand is? Certified Brand Developer + Social Media Strategist and SheEO of SB Wil Designs LLC Charna Wilson will be breaking down the building blocks of developing your business brand.

THE BLUEPRINT: What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business

Are you ready to start a new business or looking to bring in a new branch? Attorney, Business Owner, and Business Leadership Speaker Amber Bunch, Esq. will present lessons she's learned on starting, growing and maintaining a small business.