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Sustaining SheEO's

In 2020 the Inaugural SheEO Summit premiered and in 2021 we cultivated SheEOs with better business practices. In 2022 SB Wil Designs LLC is prepared to provide current and future Women Entrepreneurs with tools and best practices to sustain a small businesses most vital

resource: it's SheEO.

We are back for another National Women's Small Business Month event to continue applauding the talented, dedicated, and driven women whose entrepreneurial spirit helps drive our nation's economy forward. In 2019, women started 1,821 new net businesses every day, 64% by women of color. In 2020, 38.25% of businesses worldwide are women owned and operated. Today, there are over 13 million women-owned businesses and counting. And we want to keep it that way.

A study from UC Berkeley reports that 72% of entrepreneurs have some kind of mental-health issue. And research has found that self-employed women are at a higher risk of mental illness due to gender obstacles and isolation. Women already have a tendency to put self-care on the back burner to care for others and as dangerous as that is, it could prove fatal for SheEOs.

This year, the SheEO Summit will take place virtually as a 2 hour interactive webinar conference on October 22nd from 12PM to 2PM ET as a SheEO SELF-CARE SESSION featuring the following:

BRINGING THE VISION TO REALITY: One of the most effective ways to organize thoughts and ideas and give them legs to run is by taking them from the mind to paper. Participants will be led in a journaling activity designed to stimulate the mind and get the creative juices flowing.

BOUNDARY SETTING: Sometimes the self-employed person struggles with saying no to potential clients/customers for fear of losing a sale. Participants will engage in a round table discussion about self awareness, business goals, and boundary setting with clients, vendors, and self.

THE KEY TO MY SUCCESS: Success looks different for each person and it's time to define it for YOU. Participants will have the opportunity to identify what success looks like to them and write their own affirmations to keep motivating themselves to that success.


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